The path has quietly led you to the depth of the Forest. The ground is covered with thick moss with patches of cow berry which look like brooches; bird warbles have disappeared – instead you can hear only owl calls. Misty weft has covered the ground, and old crooked roots intertwine and form bizarre images. Millenary trees rise above the earth; their trunks are covered with moss and their thick crowns reach the skies. Here, among mossy rocks and intertwined climbers, peculiar plants and wondrous illuminating mushrooms have found their abode, their mysterious glow lightening even the darkest corners of the dense thicket. It is a fantasy world – the Misty Forest. It has many names: Puzzlewood, Mirkwood, the Twilight Forest. No one knows how old it is – the elders say it has been here since the beginning of time and it has witnessed the ancient history.

Don’t be afraid. Despite its appearance, this mystical forest is kind. According to a legend, once upon a time, a traveller got lost in the Misty Forest. He had been wandering around for a long time in hope of getting out, but he only got deeper and deeper into the forest’s bosom. Centenary oaks were closing in on him, and the darkness was becoming more and more impenetrable. The man could not say any more whether it was day or night, and he forgot how many days he had been wandering. Exhausted, he was tripping on thick roots and his feet were sinking in the moss.

Never would have the traveller found the way out of the forest, but for the forest folk. They sensed his despair and took pity on him. In a wink the darkness dissipated: there were Moss Mushrooms, Foggy Mushrooms, Fire Mushrooms and Pearl Mushrooms shining from all around him in the light of the Moon that had appeared in the sky. The traveller realized that the forest folk themselves had come to his rescue and his spirits rose. Magical guiding lights showed him the path to his home, and the traveller soon made it out of the woods. In order to mark his miraculous escape he took one mysterious mushroom with him as a keepsake. How surprised he was when the mushroom did not stop glowing, but continued to give light even outside the forest.

From then onward it has been believed that if you find an illuminating mushroom from the Misty Forest, it will bring you luck. In time people have discovered another wonder from the ancient forest: a flower found there will never wither, and bunches of fantastic plants and herbs will be giving you joy for many years to come. Made by the forest folk, these magical gifts bring warm light and fairy tales in people’s homes.