I receive a lot of questions about my work and its results. Below I tried to answer the most frequently asked questions.

About Lamps

What are your mushrooms made of?
I use mixed media which include various types of polymer clay, resin, cold porcelain, liquid plastic. Besides, I often use natural wood, natural stabilized moss and other forest materials.

Do your mushrooms exist in real nature?
Sometimes :) But most of the times the mushrooms that grow inside the lamps come from the Misty Forest and cannot be found in nature :)

Do you create custom-made lamps?
Unfortunately, I am not planning to produce any custom-made lamps in the nearest future, for I am full of my own ideas and projects which I will have no time to bring to life if I am busy with orders. If the situation changes, I will be sure to inform you about it here and in my social media accounts.

Is it possible to change a bulb in the illuminating mushrooms?
No, the LED bulbs are not changeable. At first I created interior arrangements to serve only as a unique decorative design element. The idea to lit them came later: why not make a beautiful thing useful at the same time? This is how the idea of LED mushrooms was born. However, first of all Mushroom night-lamps are interior arrangements, unique in and of itself.

May I place my lamp in the bathroom?
No, you really should not. The materials used include wood and cold porcelain which do not tolerate water and excessive moisture. One must not place a lamp base into the water or wash it.

Can bulbs burn out?
Yes they can, like any other electrical appliance. Have those little red indicators (LED) in your TV-set or DVD-player ever burnt out? I can’t say that I remember such thing ever happening to me, but even this is possible. Everything depends on whether you handle your lamp with care.

The glass dome/ some elements have broken, what do I do?

  • Through the fault of the carrier

    All lamps are insured when they are dispatched. Please check whether the lamp is intact in front of the courier. If you check the lamp and find that it is broken after you have received the parcel, then the carrier bears no responsibility for its condition, the insurance claim will not be paid, and the customer will have to pay for the reverse shipping and the necessary repairs.

    All lamps are safely packed, and it is highly unlikely that they will be damaged in transit, however, if such a situation occurs, then the delivery service will pay the compensation.

    In such a case I will make repairs for free, but the customer will have to pay for the shipping both ways.

  • Through the fault of the owner

    I bear no responsibility if the lamp is broken through the fault of the owner or a third party or due to unforeseen circumstances. However, it is very important for me that you are happy with my creations, so, if something unpleasant happens, please contact me in any way you choose. I will try to help you, and if the damage is possible to fix, I will make the necessary repairs at an additional cost.

    I have the right to refuse to make repairs if they do not appear possible.

    Please, note that certain elements of the arrangements are unique and it is not possible to copy them exactly, so the lamp might look somewhat different after the repairs.

Lamp Operation Rules:

  • I strongly recommend to plug the lamp via AC Line-conditioner on order to avoid the damage to the element that can be caused by voltage surge. In case LED bulbs burn out and repairs are impossible to make, the lamp will simply serve as an interior decoration.
  • Do not drop the lamp and do not subject it to mechanical impact. I strongly recommend not to touch various fragile elements, such as mushroom tendrils, prickles, thin grass-blades, etc., in order to avoid damaging them. If the damage has been inflicted due to the customer’s or a third party’s curiosity, I have the right to refuse to make repairs or to make them at an additional cost.
  • Even if a dome can be removed, one still should not remove it unless it is absolutely necessary in order to avoid damage to the contents.
  • Protect the lamp from water or moisture, for they can disable the lamp.
  • Do not leave the lamp plugged in when there is no one at home.
  • Keep the lamp out of the reach of children and animals, for they can accidentally drop it. Please, remember that this is an interior decoration containing LED bulbs and plugged into electricity mains, and not a children’s toy!
  • I strongly recommend you to keep all lamps and arrangements away from the direct sunlight! Mushrooms and flowers from the Misty Forest are creatures of the night and they do not like the sun. They can lose their colour under direct sunlight, and the moss can fade in the sun and become tarnished.
  • Please, place the lamp in a steady safe place where it cannot be knocked down accidentally.

About Jewelry

Resin Jewelry

What is your transparent jewelry made of?
All jewelry is made of special jewelry resin which always stays transparent and clear like a tear. This resin is non-sensitizing. It can withstand water or a drop of perfume which can touch it accidentally. However you should not clean it using liquids other than soapy water. Natural flowers and herbs found their second life inside the jewelry. Prepared and dried according to a special technology, they forever retained their initial form and colour which is why they look as if they have just been picked and placed inside a drop of water.

How should I handle resin jewelry?
You do not have to care for it in any special way. You should wash it in soapy water, and wipe it with some soft cloth. As I have said before, the material is quite strong and resilient, however, you still need to protect the items from scratching and damaging by sharp objects. They should be kept in a separate box, away from other jewelry. Hardened resin can withstand temperature extremes, and it tolerates heat and cold very well. However, one should not forget that natural materials fade under direct sunlight, which is why in order to protect the bright colours of the jewelry contents you should keep it away from long exposure to direct sunlight.

How resistant is the jewelry?
It is incredibly resistant and durable. A transparent sphere only looks cut-glass fragile, but in fact, it will not be damaged even if dropped to the floor. Naturally, you should not try it on purpose =)

Can you make jewelry I like to order?
Unfortunately, I can’t. I do not create custom-made jewelry for now, because they all are the result of my inspiration and élan. I hope you will understand me. You can find everything that is available for purchase in Jewelry section.

Polymer Clay and Cold Porcelain Jewelry

The jewelry looks very fragile. Is it the case?

  • Despite its seeming fragility, the jewelry is quite resilient. However, you should handle it with care. Do not bend them or drop them to the floor, keep them in a separate box, away from other jewelry and items. I work both with oven baked clay and air-dry polymer clay. Jewelry made of air-dry clay is lighter and more flexible, however it cannot withstand water. Jewelry made of oven baked clay is harder and can easily withstand water, however it is less break resistant. Polymer clay jewelry, like any other jewelry, should not be worn under outerwear in order to avoid damage to its thin and fine parts.
  • Both types of plastic can easily withstand heat, and a high temperature does not affect their durability. However, one must remember that constant exposure to direct sunlight can cause clay pigments to fade, and jewelry will become pale.
  • You should be careful with wearing the jewelry during the winter: frost makes items made of polymer clay fragile and breakable; they must not be bent or dropped. But do not worry: in room temperature all the properties of the material will soon be restored.

Remember that delicate handling of the jewelry is the key to its perfect appearance for years to come =)

How should I handle clay jewelry?

  • All clay jewelry must be kept away from exposure to aggressive liquids, detergents and alcohol-containing solutions, such as, for instance, eau de parfum.
  • Handle the jewelry with care and do not test its durability. Keep clay jewelry out of reach of children and animals.
  • Remove the jewelry before shower.
  • Jewelry made of oven baked clay can be washed carefully in water with soap, kind shampoo or dishwashing liquid. It must be dried with a clean cloth or a stream of cold air from a hair dryer.
  • On the contrary, cold porcelain jewelry must not be exposed to water or wiped with a wet cloth. They must be dry cleaned only: they can be wiped with a dry cloth, cleared from dust with a dry brush or with a cool stream of air from a hair dryer. If jewelry has somehow got excessively dirty, you can wipe it with a cloth that has been only slightly dampened, but don’t be overzealous, otherwise the material will start dissolving affected by the water.
  • Mixed media jewelry. Since I often mix water resistant materials with those that cannot be exposed to water, such jewelry should be protected from the water, and should be cleaned in the same way as cold porcelain products are.

You can learn the composition of your jewelry on its description page, or you can ask me about it.

About Arrangements

If you want arrangements to bring you joy for many years to come, you need to follow some handling rules I provide below:

  • Keep them away from water and moisture.
  • Keep them away from direct sunlight.
  • Protect them from mechanical impact and falling.
  • Keep them out of reach of children and animals.
  • Only dry cleaning by removing dust with a soft brush is permitted. Soft synthetic dusters that remove the dust carefully without scratching the parts will also do rather nicely. Some arrangements, due to their construction peculiarities, can only be cleaned with the help of cold air from a hair dryer in order to avoid damaging their fragile parts (tendrils, prickles, the tiniest hairs, etc.).
  • If an arrangement is protected by a glass dome, then it should only be removed when it needs cleaning and returned to its place as soon as possible, so that no dust could get on the details under the dome.