Autumn’s Breath

Close your eyes and imagine that you are in the autumn Foggy Forest. Do you hear the fallen leaves rustling under your feet, and the air filled with moist coolness? Rain drips from the immense gray sky, filling insatiable mosses with moisture. The forest carpet now looks like a canvas painted by a mysterious artist, adding yellow-orange, brown and red colors to his palette. But on a moss an amusing family of Under-Snags grew up around which a scattering of lingonberry berries reddens. At night, this mushroom ensemble lights mysterious lights and illuminates everything around with a warm yellow light. This piece of a fairy tale has come true and is in front of you under a glass dome…

Mushroom lamp in autumn colors. Lamp height with stand — 17.5 cm.

Only handmade. Safely protected from dust under a glass dome and fixed on a base. Materials used in the lamp: polymer clay, cold porcelain, stabilized plants, metal, moss and lichen, glass, artificial rocks. Lamp is operated from mains of 220V supply and plugged in via 12V adapter with the Europlug. Bulbs are not exchangeable. DHL shipping quotes are calculated individually.