Her Treasure

A small forest bird hid its nest in a scattering of Foggy Mycenas. By color, we can assume that this is the pearl bird Gark. And she chose a place for a reason: the aroma exuded by these tiny mushrooms disguises the bird’s smell and reliably hides Gark’s shelter from various predators who are not averse to eating eggs.

The first lamp from the “Microworld” collection. Truly jewelry work with the most realistic mycenas and a high degree of details. Mushroom tussock cannot be distinguished from real. For true art lovers.

Glass ball height – 16 cm. Diameter of mushroom caps – from 2 mm to 1.3 cm. Leg thickness – 1-1.2 mm. Mushroom height – from 3 cm to 7 cm.

Only handmade. Safely protected from dust under a glass dome and fixed on a base. Materials used in the lamp: polymer clay, cold porcelain, stabilized plants, metal, moss and lichen, glass, artificial rocks. Lamp is operated from mains of 220V supply and plugged in via 12V adapter with the Europlug. Bulbs are not exchangeable. DHL shipping quotes are calculated individually.