New Life

For a man, a rusty bucket full of holes is unnecessary trash. And only nature is able to truly breathe second life into discarded things, turning them into cozy houses for its creations. Just see how the Midday Silverfish company feels comfortable in its new home! And how much the Ground Mouses love to build their nests in the old buckets – no need to explain!

Composition-lamp with mushrooms. Lamp height with stand — 17.5 cm. The height of green mushrooms – from 7 cm to 10 cm. Hat diameter – from 2.5 cm to 3.5 cm. Mushroom legs about 5 mm and strewn with tiny scales. Purple mossy-mushrooms with a diameter 1.3 cm. Decorative orange mycenae do not shine, their appearance and texture are as close as possible to realistic grebes.

Only handmade. Safely protected from dust under a glass dome and fixed on a base. Materials used in the lamp: polymer clay, cold porcelain, stabilized plants, metal, moss and lichen, glass, artificial rocks. Lamp is operated from mains of 220V supply and plugged in via 12V adapter with the Europlug. Bulbs are not exchangeable. DHL shipping quotes are calculated individually.