Needle Columbine

At first glance, it may seem that the main feature of this species is flirty curls on the caps of mushrooms or unusual spikes. But the uniqueness of this mushroom is completely different. Needle Columbine is not just a beautiful mushroom, but a real natural hygrometer. When the humidity becomes high, droplets of water collect at the tips of the mushroom curls. This is a sure sign that it will rain soon. The ancients called this mushroom “Flêtum ante pluvia”, which translates as «Crying before the rain». But there is another amazing feature of Columbine – the mushrooms themselves emit lilac light only under the cover of the moon, but their numerous spikes and antennae emit a phosphor glow in any even the most total darkness. A spectacular sight worth seeing at least once in your life!

The first large collection lamp, exclusive model. Round moss-mushrooms continue to emit a phosphor glow after turning off the electricity. Tiny needles on lilac mushrooms also glow in the dark. The composition used tropical snags collected on the Maldivian islands. Composition height with stand — 22 cm, width – 17 cm. The height of the purple mushrooms – from 8 cm to 12 cm. Leg diameter – 3-5 mm, needle thickness – 0.5 mm. Diameter of round moss-mushrooms – 1 cm.

Completely handmade, single copy. Safely protected from dust under a glass dome and fixed on a base. Materials used in the lamp: polymer clay, cold porcelain, stabilized plants, metal, moss and lichen, glass, artificial rocks. Lamp is operated from mains of 220V supply and plugged in via 12V adapter with the Europlug. Bulbs are not exchangeable. DHL shipping quotes are calculated individually.