Spotted Pearls

Spotted Pearls are very spectacular mushrooms. Having met them once, you are unlikely to forget their beauty. Multicolored drops of a life-giving elixir shimmer on the white stipes, and fancy specks on the caps give the mushrooms a special mystery when they glow.

An exclusive mushroom lamp. Contains LED bulbs. Completely handmade. One of a kind.

Purple mushrooms are 8-10 cm heigh, mushroom stipes are 0.7 cm in diameter, mushroom caps are 3 – 3,5 cm in diameter. Yellow mushrooms are 1,5 cm in diameter. Amazing drops of epoxy resin have a gradient from purple and lilac to transparent.

Glass dome are 15 cm heigh and 10 cm in diameter.

Overall: 17 cm high. Only handmade. Safely protected from dust under a glass dome and fixed on a wooden base (oak). The glass dome be removed. But one still should not remove it unless it is absolutely necessary in order to avoid damage to the contents. Materials used in the lamp: polymer clay, epoxy resin, stabilized moss, glass, wood. Lamp is operated from mains of 220V supply and plugged in via 12V adapter with the Europlug. Bulbs are not exchangeable. DHL shipping quotes are calculated individually.